What is my phone model?

What is my phone model?
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Have you every asked yourself Questions like these?

What Phone Do I have?

What is my Cell Phone Model?

How do I find out which Cell Phone Model I have?

How to find out the model of your phone?

These are all very normal and important questions when purchasing cell phone accessories. Knowing which cell phone model you have can make the difference between getting the right and getting the wrong cell phone accessories delivered to you. Although many cell phones look the same, they are not! If you purchase the wrong case, it may cover up important buttons, or your camera, or it will not fit at all and your phone may fall out and break. If you purchase the wrong charger, it may ruin your phone.

No more worries, we are here to help. We will show you some very simple ways to find out your cell phone model. To make life easier, you will need to determine the Manufacturer of your Cell Phone and the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

First of all here are a few things you should know:

1. Your Cell phone manufacturer is different then your cell phone service. Your Cell Phone Service provider is not the manufacturer of your phone. Although it may seem a little confusing, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, Nextel, and the rest of the service providers do not manufacturer you cell phone.

2. Here is a short list of some of the major phone manufacturers:

Sony Ericsson

3. Some Things to know about cell phone manufacturers:

Often times, a cell phone manufacturer will use a common prefix in their Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN). Here are some examples of manufacturer prefixes:

Motorola: W, V, Z (Examples of Motorola Part numbers: W385, V3, Z6tv)

Samsung: SPH, SCH, SGH (Examples of Samsung MPN: SGH-T429, SPH-i325, SGH-X495)

Sanyo: SCP (Examples of Sanyo MPN: SCP-3200, SCP-6600)

LG: VX, AX, UX, CU, LX (Examples of LG MPN: VX10000, AX355, UX8600, CU575, LX260)

Audiovox CDM (Examples of Audiovox MPN: CDM-8945) HTC: XV, PPC, P, S (Examples of HTC MPN: XV6900, PPC-6800, P4350, S620)

Sony Ericsson:K, W, Z (Examples of Sony Ericsson MPN: K750, W580, Z525)

Although not every phone has a prefix to its MPN, this can be very helpful when locating your MPN on your phone.

Locating the Manufactuer Part Number on a phone:

Turn off your cell phone and remove the back cover/battery. Find the Barcode on the inside of your phone (not the barcode on the battery)that may be labeled IMEI, DEC, or ESN. The MPN should be found right above this bar code as show in the pictures below: